WHMCS Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting with WHMCS, an easy to use billing & automation management program for your web hosting business.

WHMCS is Bundled directly with our reseller hosting plans. As we are an official WHMCS partner we are able to sell their licenses at up to 90% discounted rates from retail prices and pass those savings onto our customers.

  • cPanel or DirectAdmin
  • Official WHMCS Partner
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Instant Account Setup

Reseller Hosting Plans with WHMCS

The following reseller plans include a full WHMCS Starter license that you may use to manage your web hosting company.
Control Panel
Billing Cycle

Start your Hosting Company with a WHMCS License Included

Reseller Hosting bundled with the worlds most popular automation software, WHMCS! Easily get your Web Hosting business started with all the tools required. Our Reseller plans feature a fully premium Website Builder by Sitepad, Softaculous, NVMe SSD Drives, Litespeed and a choice between cPanel or Direct Admin.

Official WHMCS Partner

Asura Hosting is an official WHMCS partner, allowing us to re-sell official licenses at heavily discounted rates.

We also get access to the latest WHMCS Versions, the ability to access enterprise-level WHMCS support and the ability to instantly provision WHMCS licenses on our billing platform when you order.


Free Migrations

With thousands of migrations to date, our migration team can migrate your WHMCS installation or your remote hosting/reseller account to our infrastructure free of charge! Migration is completely seamless and includes your entire account, emails, databases, etc. We even port over old PHP installation details so your website works exactly how it used too.

Domain Reseller Account for WHMCS

All our WHMCS Reseller plans come with a domain reseller account upon request, that can be integrated directly into WHMCS, allowing you to access over 300 different domain extensions. Our domain reseller accounts are on top of our own registry tier, allowing you to gain access to the exclusive discounted domain pricing.

Offer your users Softaculous

Give your users access to Softaculous, an easy to use 1 click installer that offers fast real-time auto installing of any of the 400+ applications in one click, straight from your control panel. This includes applications such as WordPress, Joomla, WHMCS, Magento, PrestaShop, Dolphin, Drupal, SMF and 400+ more!

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are always of utmost importance. We always take the feedback we get from our client base into consideration and try improve upon our product/service, an aspect we find extremely important - especially in the ever-changing web hosting industry.

4.6 Rating Based on 200+ reviews

Why use WHMCS?

An easy to use automation platform built for web hosting companies

Full Support for cPanel & Direct Admin

Offers full support for both cPanel or Direct Admin out of the box, as well as 10+ other popular control panels. Allowing you to easily manage, provision and automate your server network in one central interface.

Billing Automation

Allows you to fully automate your web hosting business, from provisioning, to suspending and cancelling. It also features full invoice generation, financial reports, cron management, affiliate management and much more!

Vibrant Module Community

Features an extremely vibrant Module community, with thousands of modules to use either freely or commercially. Allowing you to extend WHMCS's capabilities even further and add value to your business and users.

Over 90+ Payment Gateways

WHMCS supports over 90 different payment gateways for your business to use, such as PayPal, Stripe, GoCardless and much more!

Integrated HelpDesk

WHMCS comes with a built-in helpdesk, allowing customers to contact you via ticketing or emailing directly.

Easily Install and Maintain

WHMCS is easy to install, especially since we feature Softaculous allowing you to install WHMCS within a single click. Softaculous also allows you to upgrade and manage your installation directly within their interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all we require is your old web hosts login details and we can migrate it over to our infrastructure. Migrations are usually quick, completely free and take about an hour to complete.

Yes, we are a direct partner with WHMCS which is why we can sell their licenses exclusively with our products.

No, they can only be purchased along with our hosting services.

Yes you can, our reseller plans without WHMCS included can be found here.

Sure we can! Simply request it from our support department and we'll get it installed for you as long as you have a license key active.

A Starter WHMCS license is included with all WHMCS Reseller Hosting plans. It features up to 250 Active clients.

Yes you can! You'll just need to contact us and we can upgrade it for you.

Yes, our support technicians can help you integrate your reseller hosting account with your WHMCS installation upon request.