$1 Web Hosting

Give your website the hosting it deserves, powered by Solid State Drives and Litespeed our web server page load times are up to 300% faster than normal web hosting.

Featuring Website Builders, Free SSL Certificates, Softaculous, LiteSpeed Cache for Wordpress and much more!

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Enterprise Litespeed
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Support

Website Hosting starting at just $1/mo

SSD Powered, Softaculous, Litespeed, Free SSL Certificates, Anti-DDoS protection, Website builders and countless other features!
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Feature-Packed 1 Dollar Web Hosting

Established in 2012, Asura Hosting has grown into one of the industries fastest growing cheap web hosting brands. We currently serve over 12,000 different customers from 87 different countries, who trust us to host over 20,000 websites for them.

Premium Website Builder

Build your professional site with our easy to use website builder. Includes over 354 professional themes based on Newsletters, Photo galleries, Blogs, Form Makers, Shopping Carts and much more!

Over 40+ Built-in widgets such as forms, social media buttons, charting widgets and image galleries that you can easily integrate within a few clicks.


Softaculous offers fast real-time auto installing of any of the 400+ applications in one click, straight from our control panel. This includes applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Dolphin, Drupal, SMF and 400+ more!

LiteSpeed & Cloud Linux

All our servers run on Litespeed, an extremely fast drop-in replacement for Apache. This allows our servers to run almost 3 times faster than standard Apache, while having more features.

We also utilize CloudLinux, an extremely secure version of Linux that assigns each hosting account its own "cage". This enhances security by ten-fold and gives you more customization control over your hosting account.

£9.84 /Year
Initial Price
£9.84 /Year
Renewal Price

No Renewal Price Hikes

We pride ourselves in running a transparent pricing model. Most web hosting companies try to corner you into paying a small amount initially and then raising their prices by over 500% when your hosting account is renewed.

Our initial price is our renewal price and has been that way since our inception!

No hidden costs, period.

Since our foundation in 2012, Asura Hosting has maintained constant growth due to our transparent and affordable pricing structure, feature-rich service and top-notch customer support.

Our $1 web hosting plan has been running since 2015, over a span of over 6 years we are still true to our price - only $1 per month, with absolutely no hidden costs. We like to use it as an "entry" to our products, and incentivize clients to try out our infrastructure without much commitment.

4.6 Rating Based on 200+ reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are always of utmost importance. We always take the feedback we get from our client base into consideration and try improve upon our product/service, an aspect we find extremely important - especially in the ever-changing web hosting industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our most frequent questions regarding our hosting plans.

We do not hike renewal fees at all, the initial price you paid for will be the renewal price. We have had the same pricing for our $1 web hosting plan since 2015.

Yes, the free SSL covers all the domains under one hosting account. We do not limit you on the amount of certificates you can make!

Yes, you can use any domain with our service regardless of where it's registered.

All web hosting plans can be paid for in 3 years advance. Also, when paying for longer contracts we offer discounted prices, usually around 20%.

Yes, all our web hosting plans can be upgraded at any stage within the client area at pro-rata rates. It is a fast, simple and does not put your site offline at any stage.

We offer a couple of solutions for our customers to easily build a website. The first option is to use the built-in website builder thats included with every web hosting plan, the website builder is extremely easy to use to build a professional website from a range of templates that you can customize to your liking.

The second option is to install a CMS such as Wordpress, and install a free template (Wordpress offers thousands of templates). All our web hosting plans come with a 1 click installer, so Wordpress can be installed within seconds. Wordpress is also extremely easy to use and offers extensive tutorials to help you through the process, we also provide guidance to our clients if needed.

We use both Direct Admin and cPanel for our web hosting plans. You can choose which control panel you would like to use by toggling the Control Panel Button above the plans list to choose between either Direct Admin or cPanel.

We currently accept PayPal, Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash and we accept direct payment with credit or debit cards via Stripe.